Department of foreign trade policy

Services Enquiry Point

The GATS Enquiry Point is located at the Foreign Trade Policy Department of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce and has the role to implement duties on behalf of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce as stipulated in Paragraph 3 of Article 5 of Decree 363.

The GATS Enquiry Point has the following duties:
1. To receive and respond to enquiry on trade in services within a reasonable timeframe;
2. To organize trainings on coordination mechanism and the provision of information on trade in services for personnel of relevant authorities;
3. To assess and propose the improvement for effective coordination mechanism and other aspects of the GATS Enquiry Point;
4. To report regularly on activities of the GATS Enquiry Point to the Minister of Industry and Commerce; and
5. To exercise other duties as assigned by the higher authority.

Person in charge:


Tel/Fax: +856-21-450066