Department of foreign trade policy

Bilateral trade

Currently, border trade in the Lao PDR comprises 27 international checkpoints, 32 checkpoints, and 48 checkpoints. Since 1990, Laos has signed bilateral trade agreements with 15 countries in the world including Russia, Mongolia, Thailand, Myanmar, the Republic of Korea, the Republic of China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, India, Belarus, Argentina, the United States, Turkey and Kuwait. The bilateral trade agreement with the 15 countries mentioned above aims to promote trade cooperation between the contracting parties and to enhance the special friendship and comprehensive cooperation; Some contracts, which promote the access to markets for their goods and services, are both stable and long lasting. On the one hand, bilateral trade agreements are aimed at creating a framework for cooperation in order to improve the environment that facilitates trade relations between the two countries under the rule of law and transparency, and makes the goods of each partner country accessible to each other's markets more convenient and faster. Moreover, it is also attracting more foreign investment.

In addition, there is a bilateral trade cooperation framework within the framework of the Joint Commission-JC's Joint Committee on Cooperation between the two countries. The co-operation is a two-way, co-operative partnership that covers a wide range of sectors around the economy, which are guided by a collaborative plan and a common goal, with partners in the process of negotiating deals, including negotiations and solutions to trade issues. Currently, Lao PDR has signed a joint venture agreement with JC in 16 countries: Vietnam, Thailand, Cuba, Cambodia, Myanmar, Russia, Mongolia, India, EU, China, Indonesia, the United States, Malaysia, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Brunei and Republic of Korea.