Department of foreign trade policy

Bilateral Trade Agreement

Since 1990, Lao PDR has signed a bilateral trade agreement with 15 countries in the world, including: Russia, Mongolia, Thailand, Myanmar, PDR Korea, PR China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, India, Belarus, Argentina, United States, Turkey and Kuwait.

  1. Lao-Russia Protocol
  2. Lao-Mongolia Trade Agreement
  3. Lao-Thai Trade agreements
  4. Laos – Myanmar trade agreement
  5. Lao – Korea PDR Trade agreements
  6. Lao-China Trade Agreement
  7. Lao-Vietnam agreement
  8. Lao-Cambodia trade agreement
  9. Lao-Malaysia Trade Agreement
  10. Lao-India Trade Agreement
  11. Lao-Belarus Trade Agreement
  12. Lao-Argentina Trade Agreement
  13. Lao-United States Trade Agreement
  14. Lao-Turkey Trade Agreement
  15. Lao-Kuwait Trade Agreement